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CompuTek Solutions Provides consulting services to organizations in advance of or after a compliance audit to resolve any IT related issues that need to be remediating. Many times this work is centered on documenting the processes and procedures that are in place or need to be in place. CompuTek Solutions Can work with your organization to review the specific audit requirements presented and put a plan in place to successfully comply with the auditors requests and Providing the below IT Solutions.

Experienced Professionals - Certified and experienced IT consultants and network engineers.
Excellent Service - High quality, high touch service
Expert Advice - Consultative approach from industry leaders in IT Management
Exceptional Value - Flexible and customized support plans reduces costs
Extraordinary Technology - Business Intelligence, ETL, Database Tools, Application Development Tools, Integrated monitoring, help desk, remote access and CRM systems

Expanding Geographic Coverage - Office locations in New Jersey, California

Design and Installation Services

Business Intelligence Certified Consulting

ETL Certified Consulting

Application Development Consulting

Database Support Certified Consulting.                 

Network Design & Performance Tuning
A Network Architect will design the network topology, network protocol and network architecture best suited to your organization based on your unique requirements. The design will provide for fault tolerance and redundancy (via clustering, mirroring or other techniques), so no data will be lost in the event of a network failure.
SAN/NAS Storage Solutions
CompuTekSolutions can help your organization determine its disk storage needs for backup, disaster recovery or regulatory compliance, design a cost effective solution and source the hardware and software required from a variety of vendors including EMC, HP and Network Appliance.
IT Assessments & Audits
Many small and mid-sized organizations can benefit significantly from an IT Assessment to improve staff productivity and reduce costs. An IT Assessment should be performed once every three years by an outside consultant to document the inventory of equipment, analyze the performance of the entire environment and make recommendations for improvements. CompuTekSolutions offers a quick and efficient IT Assessment that covers comprehensive descriptions, analysis and recommendations on an organization's servers, workstations, printers, routers, switches, firewall, bandwidth, data center , IT management, data storage, security, critical applications, disaster recovery, networking and business considerations.

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