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Building Data Marts and Data Warehouses Optimized for Reporting

CompuTek Solutions having Certified Consultants in Cognos, Informatica and many major database vendors(Oracle, DB2, SQL Server 2005)  to provide extract, transform, and load (ETL) capabilities to our clients. This data integration capability is critical to the follow on stages of the initiative as it establishes the foundation upon which the analytics and business intelligence functions will rely.

Tightly integrated with Business Intelligence (BI) Applications like Cognos, a series of function-specific, packaged data marts and BI reports and analyses.  e-Business Intelligence Applications share dimensions across all functional areas and offer reports that are fully customizable. The combination of the ETL application and Business Intelligence applications provides a complete framework to build an enterprise BI solution. Our Strong Consultants Provides Services in ETL-BI Integration.


 CompuTek Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for developing, managing, and optimizing a flexible data architecture that efficiently supports any enterprise information initiative. Our data management, ETL, and real-time transformation solutions meet the widest range of information needs by enabling direct access to data in operational systems, data warehouses, and data marts, or retrieval of detail data via drill-throughs.
CompuTek Solutions employs different access techniques to produce high-quality data, a reusable infrastructure, and comprehensive metadata, including:
  • Using ETL to extract, transform, and load data directly into a data warehouse or mart
  • Directly accessing operational data stores or the files that service operational systems
  • Transparently drilling and joining data warehouses to operational data
  • Using an operational system's own application functions to access data
  • Trickle-feeding a data warehouse to populate and refresh it
  • Performing sophisticated data integration, transformation, and manipulation in real-time
Real-Time Transformations

Data loses value quickly when it's not available to users where, when, and how they need it. But, real-time information environments require serious engineering choices, such as where data should be transformed, what standards should be used, and where it should be stored and accessed for reporting purposes.
CompuTek Solutions provides the flexibility administrators need to manipulate data in the best way for their environment. CompuTek Solutions solutions can be fully leveraged for real-time data integration and transformation, including sophisticated manipulations such as:

  • Aggregations, sorts, and joins before data leaves the source platform
  • Data set-level transformations with multiple roll-up levels, summations, and more – on a single pass of the source data
  • Field-level transformations that can later be selected as if they were standard database fields

In addition, real-time process flows can feed your business intelligence system with data from Web services, EDI documents, XML messages, flat files, and almost any other document format.

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